Low Profile Floor

From 1.5" to 6", made from your choice of polypropylene, metal or metal/concrete, these access floors provide maximum cable management.

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Premium Finishes

A beautiful array of premium raised access floor finishes, like marble, terrazzo, tile, wood, bamboo and coconut.

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Custom Design

The possibilities are endless. Our access floors allow you to build walls directly on them, creating architectural masterpieces.

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Customer Service

Unmatched customer support. Impeccable attention to detail. A passion for quality. We build great floors.

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Low Profile Access Floor May Not Change Your Life!

But it will make your job a lot easier!

Whether you're an IT manager or support tech, an electrician, office manager or more, cable management floor has benefits that can directly impact your job and how your business operates.


Cable management access floor (low profile access floors) drastically simplify running wires and cables, and make re-routing cables the easiest part of your day.


By creating built in cable trenches in a powerful, flexible grid pattern, you have unlimited paths to route your wires.


Let's face it, running cables and wires shouldn't be the hardest part of your job. With Netfloor USA, you can fix your wiring get back to doing what you do best!


Raised Access Floor is used in many applications, from offices to data centers and more, to create underfloor space for wiring, cables and air distribution.


Access flooring has been used for decades as a cost effective method of routing cables, wires, piping and even conditioned air in a clean, underfloor space. Netfloor USA is access flooring on a whole new level.

Netfloor USA has an extensive distribution and installation network

Check out the video to see how easy it is to install a Netfloor USA access floor!