Low Profile Floor

From 1.5" to 6", made from your choice of polypro, metal or metal/concrete, these access floors provide maximum cable management.

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Premium Finishes

A beautiful array of premium raised access floor finishes, like marble, terrazzo, tile, wood, bamboo and coconut. All designed for access floor applications.

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Custom Design

The possibilities are endless. Our access floors allow you to build walls directly on them, creating architectural masterpieces.

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Customer Service

Unmatched customer support. Impeccable attention to detail. A passion for quality and committment to your success. We build great raised floors.

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Low Profile Access Floor May Not Change Your Life!

But it will make your job a lot easier!

Every space needs cables, but that doesn’t mean you have to display them for everyone to see. They’re ugly. They get tangled. Most importantly, they affect the workflow of any space. Seeing a bunch of chaotic, unmarked wires sprouting in and out of every machine and running across the entire floor makes your space look unorganized and sloppy. This isn’t conducive to productivity, and whenever you want to make a change, it’s an all-day ordeal.


Raised access floors solve all of these problems. Basically, your cables disappear. You can still run your cables across the entire floor - we just create a new floor that’s 1.5 to 6 inches higher than your other one. This allows you to run your cables underneath the floor, giving your space a clean, productive look. Rearranging your space is a breeze, and if you need to reroute any cables, you can do so without devoting more than a couple of minutes to the task.


Cables, wires, pipes, or even AC/heat - whatever you need to reach across your space, you can do it with raised access floors. They’re investments - you set the organizational framework for your space, and it pays off every single day. Not only does your office look better, but you save countless hours on manpower trying to deal with unorganized cables, and if you want to make a change, you can do so in a flash.


At Netfloor USA, we’re here to install your raised access floor quickly and conveniently. Request a quote for free, and if you like what you hear, then we can install your entire floor in under 48 hours. The result is a raised floor that’s clean-cut and efficient, allowing your office to look better and you to save money (and rest easy) when things need to be adjusted.

Netfloor USA has an extensive distribution and installation network

Check out the video to see how easy it is to install a Netfloor USA access floor!