Netfloor USA STACO
Netfloor ECO
  • Cable Organization
  • Strength
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cost
  • Height Range


Netfloor USA STACO

Netfloor USA STACO Features

  • Traditional Panel Design
  • Stringer or Stringerless
  • High Strength
  • Great Cable Organization
  • Accepts Any Floor Covering



Netfloor USA STACO is a traditional-style access floor with several unique features throughout its height range of 4"-6 feet. With advanced features like locking pedestal heads, stringer and stringerless systems and move, Netfloor USA STACO has the features you need in a traditional access floor.

Netfloor USA STACO Raised Access Floor


Netfloor USA STACO is a traditionional raised access floor system, utilizing high strength cementitious core panels.

Integral to the system are trench plates, which cover the integral cable trenches. As the STACO floor is installed, it creates underfloor cable cavities and airflow plenums, perfect for running power and data cables anywhere in the room. Height ranges of the STACO floor are from 4"-6 feet.


Netfloor USA STACO is our most traditional raised access floor system.

A STACO access floor is a great cable management method when underfloor air distribution is needed. With a height range from 4"-6 feet, Netfloor USA STACO can preserve precious floor to ceiling height, while providing an organized and flexible cable management system. Netfloor USA STACO is well-suited for applications such as: data centers, offices, call centers, command/control centers, retail stores, museums, libraries, IT Labs and more.

The flooring system is flexible enough to be built around obstructions such as columns, corners and curves. It is strong enough to have walls, partitions and consoles built directly on it. The flooring system readily accepts a variety of floor coverings such as: carpet, VCT and more. The Netfloor USA STACO access floor offers simple and fast installation.

We offer advanced features not typically found in a standard raised floor. Our panels are rated up to 2500 pounds, as well as seismically rated. Premium floor finishes such as tile can be factory embedded onto the top of the panel, for a fast installation and professional, modern look.

The Netfloor USA STACO brochure is available here.


Netfloor USA STACO Specifications (.pdf) (Corner Lock)

Netfloor USA STACO Specifications (.pdf) (Corner Lock)

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Netfloor USA STACO Specifications (.pdf) (Bolted Stringer)

Netfloor USA STACO Specifications (.pdf) (Bolted Stringer)

PDF icon Download File (91.05 KB)

Netfloor USA STACO Specifications (.docx)

Netfloor USA STACO is a traditional raised floor, like you may have worked with in the past. Strong. Stable. Secure. STACO. Do you want to read about the details? Are you ready to use STACO in your next project? Download the latest edition of our specifications!

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