Netfloor USA ECO
Netfloor ECO
  • Cable Organization
  • Strength
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Cost
  • Height Range


Netfloor USA ECO

Netfloor USA ECO Features

  • Lightweight Panel Design
  • Resilient Panels
  • High Strength
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Great Cable Organization
  • Accepts Any Floor Covering
  • Easy to Redeploy


Netfloor USA ECO is a low profile access floor with built in cable management trenches and electrical/data floor boxes. Comprised of strong and lightweight polypropylene panels, available in heights from 1.5"-2.5". Netfloor USA ECO has the features you need in a flexible cable management floor.


Cable Management Access Floor (Netfloor USA ECO)


Netfloor USA ECO Cable Management Access Flooring

Netfloor USA ECO is a high-strength, flexible cable management access floor system utilizing high strength polypropylene panels. Each panel is supported by 64 built-in pedestals allowing the panels to accommodate minor subfloor variations or imperfections. The high number of support pedestals also provides superior load ratings and crush strength.

Want to see just how strong the floor panels are? Check out this post!

Integral to the system are trench plates, which cover the integral cable trenches. As the ECO floor is installed, it creates built-in cable trenches in a 2'x2' grid pattern, perfect for running power and data cables anywhere in the room. Height ranges of the ECO floor are from 1.5"-2.36".

A low profile access floor is a great alternative to a traditional raised access floor when underfloor air distribution is not needed. With a height range from 1.5"-2.36" (40mm-60mm), Netfloor USA ECO preserves precious floor to ceiling height, while providing an organized and flexible cable management system. Netfloor USA ECO is well-suited for applications such as: office spaces, call centers, command/control centers, retail stores, museums, libraries, IT Labs and more.

The flooring system is flexible enough to be built around obstructions such as columns, corners and curves. It is strong enough to have walls, partitions and consoles built directly on it. The flooring system readily accepts a variety of floor coverings such as: carpet, VCT and more. The Netfloor USA ECO access floor offers simple and fast installation, and is easily reconfigured when room layout and cabling needs change.

The Netfloor USA ECO Brochure is available here.

Watch A Time Lapse Video of Netfloor USA ECO Being Installed.

We explain the entire installation process and tell you exactly what each piece of the system is for:






Cable Management Access Flooring is a great way to future-proof your facility, whether it's an office, command center, library, university or any type of building. Read why the architectural experts at HOK place to much emphasis on future-proofing the buildings they design.

Netfloor USA ECO System Components

Constructed of high strength polypropylene, the dark gray UNIPANEL forms the basis for the cable management floor. Despite its light weight (5 lbs.), the 40mm UNIPANEL has a Design Load Rating of 1,300 lbs. Each UNIPANEL has 64 mini pedestals on the underside, which distributes the load from the floor above more evenly than if supported at only the four corners. The dark dray UNIPANELS are made from a majority of recycled content and are fully recyclable. The panels are constructed with a modular matrix which provides high strength while remaining light and easy to handle. The panels are easy to customize by cutting out sections to fit around obstructions like columns, posts, walls and more, while retaining high structural integrity.

Flank Caps form the basis for the integrated cable trenches as well as help lock the UNIPANELS into position. Flank caps are easily removed to run additional wires and cables without affecting the integrity or alignment of the floor. Made from high strength steel with a matte black finish.

A Central Cap is placed at the intersection of cable trenches, on a 2'x2' grid. Central caps help lock the UNIPANELS into position, but also serve as a junction point for the cable trenches. Made from high strength steel with a matte black finish.

Base Connectors help lock the UNIPANELS into place and keep the floor square. A small margin of 1/16" is built into the Base Connectors to facilitate lining up and squaring the floor when the first panels are laid. Once several panels are laid down and checked for alignment, the UNIPANELS and Base Connectors lock into place and are immobile. Made from high strength plastic.

A closed cell foam sheet underlayment is the first item to be laid down. It provides a thin layer on which the entire Cable Management Floor system is installed. This underlayment helps dampen any noise from loads and movement on the floor above, as well as provides insulation between your concrete slab and the floor system.

End Caps are part of the cable trench system, and are used to finish off the end of a cable trench row when it meets a wall or partition. Made from high strength steel with a matte black finish.

A specialized flank cap, for the cable trenches, that has an opening for wire access. Almost always paired with a Grommet.A specialized flank cap, for the cable trenches, that has an opening for wire access. Almost always paired with a Grommet.

Made from ABS plastic, these simple and effective grommets are matched to the flank caps, allowing you to pull cables and wires from the cable trench at any location. Easily installed and rearranged if needed.

This fine-crafted aluminum edge trim piece is sold in 78" lengths and is used to neatly finish the edge of the cable management floor. Often used on the sides of ramps, it can be used along any edge, if desired. Included features are built in slots to secure your floor finish (carpet, tile, etc.) and a high visibility, glow in the dark safety strip to ensure occupant safety along the ramps.

Edge Rail is used to finish the edges of the Cable Management Access Floor if a full-width panel is not used, or if there is any space between the edge of the last panel and the wall. Available in several widths (80mm, 150mm, 200mm).

Ramp sections in a 4" or 24" width can be joined together to form a ramp of any width. Standard ramp slope is 1:12. Other slopes are available. *Please contact us for further information on optional slopes.*

Trimmers are used to provide a smooth, uniform finish along the entire edge of the access floor. If medium or wide base molding is to be used in the room along the edges of the floor, these trimmer pieces may not be necessary. Dark gray color to closely match the UNIPANELS.

This support brace is used at any edge of the access floor where a precise cut was made to the UNIPANEL without leaving any mini pedestals at the edge of the panel. The support is installed under the edge of the UNIPANEL to ensure a strong uniform support structure all the way to the wall. The edge support is not always necessary; please contact us with your room dimensions and layout for further information.



Netfloor USA Meets the Buy American Act, and has years of project experience with the U.S. Government, U.S. Military as well as State and Local Government projects.

Netfloor USA ECO Specifications (.pdf)

Netfloor USA ECO is not like a traditional raised floor you may have worked with in the past; it's much more flexible, convenient, and easy to work with. Do you want to read about the details? Are you ready to use ECO in your next project? Download the latest edition of our specification in .pdf format!

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Netfloor USA ECO Specifications (.docx)

Netfloor USA ECO Specifications (.docx)

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