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We service and install everything we sell, factory-direct or through our network of authorized distributors. But, you can also install our low profile floors yourself.

Quality Products Demand Quality Installation

Our products provide you with the flexibility and organization to get back to doing what you love. The commitment to quality doesn't stop at the product level. Netfloor USA is able to offer a 5 year warranty not only due to the high quality products, but because we provide access floor installation services that are industry-leading.

While we love working with our clients to provide the highest quality access floor installation services available, we'd be lying if we told you that our low profile access floors are too complicated to install yourself. In fact, many of our clients choose to install our low profile products themselves, and that's alright with us. After all, one of the major benefits our our system is that it's so simple to install, reconfigure and redeploy using your in-house talent.

But, if you do use Netfloor USA's installation services (and most customers do), you'll find that we approach our jobs a bit differently than others. Even though it's "just a floor", we feel it's a vital part of your building operations, and we take great pride in providing high quality installation services.

Netfloor USA's Installation Services

NetfloorUSA Access Floor Installation

We completely believe in our products, but there are two other aspects to a successful project: design and installation. We have a highly experienced design staff to help you discover the layout that will be best for your site, and our installation crews finish the job with an uncommon attention to detail. Some important tasks we focus on for a great installation:

  • Project kick-off meetings and calls
  • Pre-install site inspection
  • Site preparation
  • Squaring and Leveling the floor
  • Tight-fitting cuts, corners and edge pieces
  • Securely fastened panels and ramps
  • Leaving a clean finished floor

How Easy is it to Install a Low Profile (Cable Management) Access Floor?

Easy. Sometimes too easy. We have a lot of customers who see our crew installing the floor and say "That's it? That's all you have to do? WE can do that ourselves!" (Note: our installation manager is going to hate that we're telling you this, but it's true.)

You Can Install This Cable Management Floor Yourself

Believe it or not, some of our customers install their floors themselves. We're still not sure how to take that: on one hand, we have a great network of installers, on the other hand, Netfloor USA Cable Management Floors are very easy to install.

Here is a Video of a CamassCrete Floor Being Levelled. Notice How Easy it Is To Level From the Top of The Panels


Access Floor

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