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From Office Spaces to Data Centers, Retail Stores to Broadcasting Studios, Netfloor USA will help you make the most of your space. Our premium access floors have unique features that offer unrivaled flexibility in design. Once you consider utilizing one of our access floor systems, you'll find that your floor plan opens up and you can take a fresh look at how your facility is layed out.

NetfloorUSA Access Floor Concept Creation


We offer the knowledge, experience and professional tools to build a better concept.

An access floor helps you manage your space in a more three dimensional way. Cables and piping can be routed under the floor, as can hot and cold air. Outdoor raised floors can improve drainage and reflect heat away from the building, improving energy efficiency. Access floors increase organization and mobility, and reduce operational expenses.


Our Experience and Capabilities

We have worked with all types of clients, from large to small and from private, government and military. We have great ideas on how an access floor can augment your building's design and operation, and we approach each project with the end goal in mind: A beautiful, functional access floor that simplifies your job.

Our approach is a hands-on, team-oriented one in which customer satisfaction is top priority. Our initial conversations will help uncover your ideas, needs and wants, as well as informing you of our product capabilities. As the discussions progress, we take an active participant role in which we provide examples of challenges faced in similar projects and how those were overcome. We certainly don't want to change your concept if it's exactly what you want, but with our knowledge and experience, we can often help tweak the concept to achieve lower costs and a better finished product.

This is one of the best ways that Netfloor USA is different from so many other manufacturers: We view each of our customer's projects from a complete project view, and not just "another job". After all, there's far more to a successful project than simply selling a product, a view we feel far to many vendors take. Give us a chance to prove to you that we're a valuable partner!

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