We create beautiful, functional raised floors.

Conceptual Work

Our extensive experience in industries like: commercial, mission critical, institutional, retail, healthcare and more allows us to understand your needs to help you build your concept.

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Design Services

We know the ins and outs of access flooring, and we understand how your building systems work. Our designers provide detailed CAD drawings showing how Netfloor USA works to your advantage.

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Product Benefits

Netfloor USA is a premiere brand of access flooring, with the widest range of heights and applications, as well as a staggering array of raised access floor finishes from marble, terrazzo, concrete, carpet, tile, wood, bamboo and coconut.

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Access Floor Installation

We offer nationwide installation on all of our products. Our install teams are highly experienced, but more importantly, they truly care about your facility and making you happy with your floor.

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Repair Services

We are able to repair many different brands of access flooring, and can bring an old floor up to code and back to life. From leveling and straightening to fixing damaged areas, we can repair your raised floor.

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Renovation Services

If your floor is in poor shape due to abuse, old age or poor installation, Netfloor USA can replace your floor with a better product and a quality installation.

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Access Floor

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