Netfloor USA Grand Square Access Floor

Netfloor USA Access Floor (Grand Square)

Netfloor USA Grand Square is one of our more basic and simple low profile access floors. We always say all of our floors are easy to install, but the one takes the cake. Comprised of only two basic component Grand Square is redefining simple raised access floor. It's perfect for many applications. We have worked with customers who use Grand Square for: Aparements, Basements, "Man-Caves", DIY Home-Improvement and more.

Netfloor USA CamassCrete Access Floor

Netfloor USA CamassCrete is a low profile access floor with built in cable management Comprised of traditional steel panels with a concrete core. Available in heights from 1.5"-8", fully adjustable +/- 1". CamassCrete has all the features of a traditional access floor in a low profile floor height that's easier to use.

Netfloor USA STACO Access Floor

Netfloor USA STACO


Netfloor USA STACO is a traditional-style access floor with several unique features throughout its height range of 4"-6 feet. With advanced features like locking pedestal heads, stringer and stringerless systems and move, Netfloor USA STACO has the features you need in a traditional access floor.

Netfloor USA ECO Access Floor

Netfloor USA ECO

Netfloor USA ECO is a low profile access floor with built in cable management trenches and electrical/data floor boxes. Comprised of strong and lightweight polypropylene panels, available in heights from 1.5"-2.5". Netfloor USA ECO has the features you need in a flexible cable management floor.

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