The Easy Access Floor

Netfloor USA offers some of the most advanced access flooring products in the world. Our low profile cable management floors are designed to provide you with maximum flexibility in cable management as well as floor layout.

NetfloorUSA Access Floor Layout

Not All Raised Floors are the Same

We create a canvass that you can use to build out an advanced, modern workspace. With Netfloor USA, it's easy to make changes to the arrangement of displays, cubicles, counters and equipment. There is no concrete trenching required, no running overhead cables, no obtrusive cable drops.

When you consider equipment costs, installation costs and total cost of ownership, a low profile access floor is the most attractive method of cable management for all commercial building types.

But that's not all. Netfloor USA has unique features which offer highly competitive first costs, flexible design and construction, and simple operations.

We Make Access Floors Easy

Managing cables and wires should be easy. You shouldn't have to pay for loud, dirty concrete drilling or trenching. Adding or changing wires in an office or command center should not disrupt your staff. It should be as easy as peeling up a carpet tile (or other floor finish), and re-routing your cables and wires as needed.

Combined with our integrated electrical distribution system (including electrical floor boxes), our low profile access floors are the easiest and most versatile--meaning your job just got a lot easier.

Widest Selection of Access Floor Types

We have a incredible array of floor types, heights and construction:

With the variety of access floor products you can choose from at NetfloorUSA, we can create a solution that is a perfect fit for your building.

Read More about which type of access floor is right for you.

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