Renew Your Space

Netfloor USA doesn't just sell and install great new access floors, we fix other people's old raised floors!


Full Service Renovation

If you need a little more help than a repair, NetfloorUSA offers complete renovation services for old, worn out raised access floors. It doesn't matter if it's a competitor's floor, we will work with you to remove it, and design and install a new, flexible NetfloorUSA access floor. Check out some of the benefits of going with a Netfloor USA access floor versus your old floor.


A Cleaner Access Floor

A big advantage of a low profile floor is that it collects much less debris than a standard access floor collects. Nonetheless, it is recommended to perform a routine cleaning every so often. If you have an old access floor that's 12" (1 foot) or higher, and you don't use it for underfloor air distribution, we can renovate your access floor and replace it with a new, low profile floor that requires far less maintenance, while providing incredible cable management features.

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