Madison Mayodan Library

Mayodan and Madison are two rural towns closely bordering each other in North Carolina. They'd be easy to overlook on a map, but the towns' leadership has big hopes for the sister cities.

Manufacturing and textiles have played a major role in the history of these towns, but as global economic pressures mount, city leadership are forced to find a way to make these two small towns competitive in a very big global economy.

Part of that transformation has taken place as the two towns joined forces to create a shared public library that is nestled in the center, easily accessible to residents of either town.

Increasing education levels and ongoing job skills training are important for citizens to stay competitive in the global workforce, and technology plays a central role in that effort.

With a low profile, cable management floor, the entire library is now "wired" and plug and play enabled; the citizens of Mayodan and Madison, NC are ready for the future.

Project Details

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