Dräxlmaier Conferencing and Teaching Center

Changing Configurations in Multi-Purpose Rooms

When the president of a multinational corporation is coming to tour your facility and wants an interactive video conferencing and teaching center installed, you hop to it. And when he gives you just 1 week's notice, you had better act fast.

That's what our client faced when they contacted us to design and install an access floor system for them. They had quickly sketched out plans to install a myriad of interactive displays, A/V equipment and conferencing equipment to bridge continents and several production facilities.

But it all rested on the access floor. They needed a floor that could handle heavy loads yet look very modern and sleek, and it had to be the first equipment to go in this room.

So what started as a 1 week requirement for the entire project turned into a 2 day rapid deployment for us, as every other facet of the project would be installed on top of our cable management floor.

So do you think we let them down? Of course not! We pulled the needed materials from one of our warehouses (we always like to keep plenty of stock on hand) and had it shipped to the site via dedicated truck. Our access floor install crew was on site and waiting.

Working 12 hour shifts, we finished in 1.5 days, faster than the time alloted. A team of electricians followed close on our heals as they installed all sorts of wires from power wires, data and voice cabling, video cables and even integrated some of their complex vehicle wiring harnesses into the interactive displays.

The entire project finished ahead of schedule and under budget. But most importantly, it looked great and the president was very, very happy.

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