Notre Dame College

Notre Dame College recently renovated the Regina Complex, which houses classrooms, offices, a gym and an auditorium.

Given the traditional Catholic values and architecture of this college, the work had to have little impact on student and faculty life, not to mention little visible impact on existing buildings.

Easier said than done!

Bringing old buildings up to date with current levels of technology is often a challenge, especially when some of your buildings are from 1922 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The exterior of such buildings is usually off-limits for any type of renovation, and the interiors must be approached with great caution due the age and potential engineering limitations of a decades-old building.

That's one reason why cable management floor is so useful for so many types of buildings. It's easy to handle and install, and it adds a valuable layer of flexibility to ensure even the oldest of buildings are tech-ready and future-proof.


Project Details

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